Expedition Campers

There is a new trend in camping – actually getting out into nature and away from the crowding of traditional camp grounds. People have been doing this for years with standard 4×4 pickups and a tent or high-end custom off-road campers, but there is now another option. The FMTV trucks are extremely capable trucks that can easily get you to your remote camping spot and safely get you back home.

We don’t build Expedition Campers, but there are a number of companies starting to customize these for customers or provide help for people wanting to build their own. Whether you want to build out your own design or have a company build you your dream Expedition Camper, we have a reliable truck to get your started.

Here are some examples of Expedition Campers built with FMTV trucks:

Off-Grid Adventures – Overland RV builder in Louisville KY specializing in custom LMTV Overlanders https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWej6fva-SVn6Ewz2ENzUKg

Off-Grid Adventures can help build you the expedition camper of your dreams and sells LED lighting solutions and switch panels for expedition campers if you want to build your own camper. You can reach them through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/offgrid.adventurers.1 or call (502)640-1225 and ask for Steve.

Jerry Durr – https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/durrtrigs/

Trey German

Allan Gazza

Sean Fillnerhttps://youtube.com/seanfillner


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