The principals of FMTV Sales have over 50 years of engineering, manufacturing, quality control and business management experience.  As a hobby, we have been collecting and restoring military hardware for more than 30 years including firearms, airplanes, and vehicles for our personal use.  Recently, we decided to combine decades of acquired knowledge and offer limited numbers of high-quality modern military vehicles and parts to the public.

We believe the FMTV series of trucks and late model HMMWV’s offer a valuable opportunity for work and play to the military vehicle community, collectors, businesses, and every-day drivers.  However, we also understand that after years of neglect, questionable maintenance, raiding of parts to keep other vehicles running, and then the outright abuse that Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and Gov Planet auction employees put the vehicles through, they often need serious work to find all the problems and get them back into shape.  

At FMTV Sales, we focus on restoring FMTV’s and Military HMMWV’s to their original mechanically reliable condition, and are building relationships to help our customers with cosmetics and customization. We do not sell “as-is” vehicles.  Every vehicle we sell has been fully serviced and our master mechanics have gone through each vehicle from top to bottom, repairing and replacing as they go, to make sure our customers get a high-quality vehicle that will give them years of reliable use. When a vehicle leaves our shop, you can be sure it will work the way it is supposed to. We back this up with a 6-month drive-train warranty on all of the vehicles we sell.

If you are looking to buy a HMMWV or FMTV, or have questions about these vehicles, please use our Contact Us or contact Martin directly at (503)621-3419 or

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